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American deaf athletes have been winning medals at the Deaflympics since 1935. Through the years, US athletes have broken countless national and world records and set new ones that still stand.

The USA Deaf Track and Field (USADTF) was established in 1986 to provide a central governing body for the nation’s multitude of deaf track and field athletes. Through elite summer clinics and local, regional and national competitions, the USADTF has bolstered the level of competition to where the USA is among the strongest contenders of the global Deaf Athletics community


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Go for the Gold with Hannah Wetzel, a hopeful Deaflympic Track and Field athlete

18 Feb 2021
Hannah Wetzel, a Track and Field Deaflympic hopeful shares her training schedule and tips how she stays motivated.
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USADSF Spotlight with Noah - US Deaflympian Jerry Wilding

23 Sep 2020
Our first triple jump athlete who learned this sport on site in 1957 Deaflympics in Milan for the first time! His result was an American Record for 8 years!
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USADSF Spotlight with Noah - US Deaflympian, Janna Vander Meulen

26 Aug 2020
Our track athlete, Janna Vander Meulen has a mindset to break her own time of 14 seconds, winning Gold in the 100m hurdles event in 2017 Deaflympics, at the 2021 Summer Deaflympics! Go Janna!!
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USADSF Spotlight with Noah - US Deaflympian, Keith Sanfacon

22 Jul 2020
Meet this inspiring athlete who cut his 3000m time from 11:33 during his tryout to 10:15, an American Record during 1985 Deaflympics in a one year period!
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USADSF Spotlight with Noah - Special Edition #2

17 Jul 2020
Answer to our Thursday Trivia: When did the USA first participate in the International Silent Games?


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