Orienteering VLOG

*view of forest with a blue and orange streamer tied to a sapling next to a large knoll*

*person comes in view from left, goes around the knoll to the streamer and squats down*

Hello, my name is Tom Wells, I am a deaf orienteering athlete.

First, I want to say "Thank You, Thank You" to Patti Mace.  

She was responsible for the USA Deaf Orienteering NSO (National Sport Organization) for the past 12 years.  

She worked hard and was very active to make deaf orienteering become successful.  

She recently decided to retire.  The leadership role was given to me.  It is a big honor to follow in her footsteps.  

Her hard work will be continued by me.  

Again I thank Patti and ask you to join me in congratulating her for a great job.  

*hands waving*

*Tom looks at map and exits to the right*


*view of woods with a path*

*Tom runs along path from right to left*


*view of forest with a depression that has a blue and orange streamer at bottom right*

*Tom enters from left and drops down into the depression to the streamer*

Hello, we are now practicing social distancing because of the coronavirus.  

Our club set controls using a map and streamers in the woods.  I am alone in the forest. 

We print the map at home and come anytime to navigate through the forest by ourselves. 

We are practicing social distancing plus keeping up with our training for orienteering. 

*Tom looks at map and exits to the left*

Tom Wells, our new Orienteering leader thanks our outgoing leader, Patti Mace for her 12 years service for USA Deaf Orienteering. Let's join him for an introductory orienteering run. 

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