Football - Athlete Selection Criteria

Kuala Lumpur 2023

This selection policy has been agreed upon by the USA Deaf Soccer (USADSA) and the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF). It provides details regarding the process by which USADSA will arrive at athlete nominations. These nominations will be submitted to USADSF for consideration and for final selection to the USA Deaf Football Team for the World Deaf Football Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (hereinafter called the "Games").


1.1 Minimum eligibility requirements for athletes to be considered for selection to the Team:

1.1.1 Nationality/Passport requirements: Athlete must be a national of the United States at the time of nomination. Athlete must hold a valid U.S. passport that will not expire for six months after the conclusion of the Games and 6 months prior to the Games. Except for USA-hosted Games, the staff must possess a valid government-issue identity card.

1.1.2 Have a hearing loss of at least 55db (3-tone frequency average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, ISO 1964 Standard) in the better unaided ear, as documented on a recent audiologist-certified audiogram. See audiogram regulations at

1.1.3 Minimum International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) standards for participation: Any competitor in the World Deaf Football Championships must be a national of the country of the National Deaf Sports Federation (NDSF) which is entering such competitor. For additional information regarding an athlete who is a national of two or more countries, has changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality, refer to the ICSD Regulations at

1.1.4 Minimum International Sports Federation - Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) - standards and/or ICSD Entry Standards for participation:

Not Applicable

1.1.5 Commit to participation in mandatory training and competitions.

1.1.6 Complete the USA Deaf Sports Federation National Team application packet.

1.1.7 Can not participate as a team official - coach, trainer, medic, etc.

1.1.8 Other requirements:

a. Athlete must successfully complete all Games Registration requirements by stated deadline. Any athlete age 18 or older will be required to undergo a background screen in accordance with the current U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Background Check Policy. Any athlete age 18 or older as of the Closing Ceremony will be required to complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport's online training.

b. Be a member in good standing with USADSA, US Soccer, and USADSF.

c. Commit to train year-around from the time of selection to the last day of the last event.

d. Maintain contact with the US Team coaching staff and keep informed about training regimens and competition results from time of selection through last day of the last event.

e. Exhibit good sportsmanship and character.

f. Complete application materials as provided by US Soccer and USADSF.

g. Pay a non-refundable application fee of $100 to USADSA within 30 days of the selection.

1.2 Tryout Events:

The evaluative events are subject to change and are not comprehensive.
Final dates and locations for evaluative events will be announced no later than 30 days prior to
the start of each event and will be posted online here:

Athletes will be notified at least 21 days in advance of their selection to each individual
evaluation event.

1.3 Selection process for athletes to become National Team nominees:


a. Athlete Evaluation
Players are viewed at Evaluative Events and DNT Events described in Section 1.2 throughout the quadrennium by members of the DNT Staff. Players are evaluated based on the criteria outlined in Section f. It is intended that the evaluation will be an ongoing process and that all evaluations will be considered in the selection decisions. It is possible that each athlete being considered for selection to a team will not have been evaluated at the exact same Evaluative Events and DNT Events as other athletes also being considered for that particular team. From time to time, players may be evaluated based on online video and/or information they provide through email, video chat, or other communications.

b. Players invited to camps
The DNT Staff will review the eligible players and invite players in for each training camp/match based on the needs of the team, considering any possible input from USADSF Staff, using criteria listed in Section f. A player's inclusion in one event is no indication of future involvement with this team. Once players are selected, they will be notified at least 15 days in advance of each individual camp.

c. Selection for Deaf National Teams
Players are selected to DNT Events based on their Athlete Evaluation, including DNT Events.

d. Evaluation of athletes at DNT Events
This evaluation process is ongoing throughout the quadrennium and includes performance while with the DNT. The DNT Coaching Staff may call in a different combination of players for each training camp / match throughout the quadrennium. Players are evaluated based on the criteria outlined in Section f.

e. Selection of the DNT Athletes
The DNT Head Coaches will make the final recommendation on the composition of the team but will receive input from assistant coaches as well as other DNT staff. The DNT Head Coaches will go through the process of recommending, for selection, the DNT Athletes (22 Athletes + 8 Alternate Athletes). The DNT Head Coaches will use the Selection Criteria outlined in Section 1.3.6. in their selection of the DNT Athletes, with the timing of this selection coinciding with the dates listed in Section 8 of these procedures' deadlines for the World Championships.

f. Selection Criteria
In recommending athletes to be members of the DNT, the Head Coaches will consider information, consisting of observation, video analysis, soccer background, and statistics of both objective and subjective nature, which pertains to technical ability tactical decisions, physical and psychological capabilities, and other considerations.

g. Performance: technical, tactical, physical and psychological

h. Other considerations: potential to perform under pressure and contributions on/off the field in the areas of: teamwork, enthusiasm, versatility within position, maturity,
aggressiveness, leadership, competitive spirit, availability, communication, cooperation within the team, and integrity.

i. The DNT Coaching Staff will oversee the selection process.

1.4 Selection Committee:

1.4.1 The USA Deaf Soccer Selection Committee is comprised of the following members:

• Amy Griffin - Coach
• Joy Fawcett - Coach
• Meghan Maiwald - Coach
• David Kunitz - Coach
• Ken Knoll - Coach

1.4.2 Any member of the selection committee that has a possible conflict of interest must disclose it. If such conflict exists, the selection committee member must recuse themselves from the committee discussions and voting. Further, the committee member shall not otherwise influence other members of the committee in the selection process.


2.1 Prior to entry by name to USA Deaf Sports Federation, USA Deaf Soccer has jurisdiction over potential nominees.

2.1.1 Voluntary withdrawal. Athlete must submit a written letter to the USA Deaf Soccer Executive Director.

2.1.2 Injury or illness as certified by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USA Deaf Soccer. If an athlete refuses verification of their illness or injury by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USA Deaf Soccer, their injury will be assumed to be disabling and they may be removed.

2.1.3 Failure to participate in mandatory training and/or competitions.

2.1.4 Violation of USA Deaf Soccer Code of Conduct - MISSING FILE.

2.1.5 If for any reason, USA Deaf Soccer believes that it may not be safe for athletes or other coaches to have this individual on the team between the time of appointment and the event, USA Deaf Soccer retains the right to remove the athlete.

2.2 Once athlete entries have been submitted to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, the USADSF has jurisdiction over the Team rosters.

2.2.1 Voluntary withdrawal. Athlete must submit a written letter to the USADSF Team Leader.

2.2.2 Injury or illness as certified by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USADSF. If an athlete refuses verification of their illness or injury by a physician (or medical staff) approved by USADSF, their injury will be assumed to be disabling and they may be removed.

2.2.3 Failure to participate in mandatory training and/or competitions.

2.2.4 Violation of USADSF Code of Conduct.

2.3 An athlete may be removed as a nominee to the Team or from the Team for an adjudicated violation of ICSD, WADA, FIFA, USADA and/or USADSF anti-doping protocol, policies and procedures, as well as the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code and USA Deaf Soccer SafeSport policies, as applicable.


3.1 Prior to entry by name to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, USA Deaf Soccer has jurisdiction over potential nominees.

3.1.1 If a vacancy on the roster occurs, the DNT Coaching Staff will recommend a player to replace the vacant position from among the list of 8 athletes (see Section 8). In recommending the replacement player that will join the DNT, the coaches will consider the selection criteria per the process listed in sections 1.3 and 2, and may also consider the position(s) that the replacement player is filling and attempt to fill with a similar player.

After submission of Entries by Name to the Local Organizing Committee (Malaysia), including any applicable group or committee:
If a player needs to be replaced after final entries are submitted, the DNT Coaching Staff will recommend a player in accordance with the ICSD/DIFA World Championships Qualification System for that event (Section G, General Principles Regarding the Use of P Alternate Athletes) and the
ICSD/DIFA World Championships Late Athlete Replacement Policy.

3.2 Once athlete entries have been submitted to USA Deaf Sports Federation, the USADSF has jurisdiction over the Team.

3.2.1 In the event a qualified Team loses one of its athletes due to illness, injury or "force majeure" then the USA Deaf Soccer Team Leader, in consultation with the USADSF Executive Director, shall propose a replacement athlete. The replacement athlete shall be the most qualified candidate that meets the aforementioned criteria.

If the ICSD, USADSF or Games Organizing Committee (hereinafter "GOC") requires different replacement procedures within a certain time period before the Games or after official nomination of the Final Roster to the USADSF, such procedures for replacement shall be followed.


4.1 USA Deaf Soccer will retain the approved Selection Procedures and all supporting documents, including scouting or evaluation forms, and all data from the selection process for six months past the date of the Closing Ceremony of the Games.


5.1 In addition to the USADSF Code of Conduct, the following documents are required to be signed by an athlete as a condition for nomination to the World Deaf Football Championships and are included as attachments:

* Conduct Policy


6.1 The USADSF approved Selection Procedures (complete and unaltered) will be posted/published within ten (10) days of approval by the USA Deaf Sports Federation Board of Directors.

6.2 Information shall be published:

6.2.1 on the USADSF website (


7.1 The Nomination of Athletes form, including replacements, will be submitted to USADSF on or before 01 Aug 2023.

7.2 The list of athletes on the Team are to be announced publicly only after USADSF approves the rosters.


Not Available


9.1 Athletes must adhere to all ICSD, WADA, IF, USADA and USADSF anti­-doping protocols, policies and procedures, as applicable. This includes participation in Out-of-Competition Testing as required by the ICSD, WADA, IF, USADA and USADSF Rules, as applicable.


10.1 All athletes have a right to obtain due process. Refer to USA Deaf Soccer's procedures below:

a. Grievances.
Any member of this Association may file a written grievance in the form of a complaint with the Secretary, within fifteen (15) days, pertaining to any matter within the cognizance of this Association and/or alleging a violation of any provision of these Bylaws or Operating Regulations. At the time of filing, a copy of the complaint shall be sent to the President. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Secretary shall provide a copy to each director.

b. Form of Written Complaint.
Each complaint shall be signed under oath and shall allege with particularity the nature of the grievance and/or each claimed violation by reference to specific sections thereof. Concise factual allegations shall be set forth in numbered paragraphs, each paragraph containing a single factual allegation.

c. Informal Resolution Process.
The President shall, within fifteen (15) days, appoint a director to contact the complainant and seek to resolve the complaint through informal means.

d. Hearing of Grievance.
In the event that the member filing a complaint is not satisfied with the resolution of the matter by informal methods, he/she may request a hearing, whereupon the President shall, within fifteen (15) days, appoint a panel, consisting of three (3) directors, none of whom shall have in interest in the subject matter of the complaint, to hear evidence, make findings of fact, and adjudicate the issues raised. At least twenty percent (20%) of the directors appointed pursuant to this section shall be active players on USDMNT or USDWNT.

f. Fair Notice.
Fair notice and an opportunity for a hearing shall be accorded to any amateur athlete, coach, trainer, interpreter, manager, administrator, supporter, fan, or official before this Association declares such individual is prevented from participation in the programs or other activities of the member's organization, in accordance with § 3.1(e) of these Bylaws and Bylaw 213 Section 1(a)(7) of the United States Soccer Federation.

g. Due Process.
At any hearing conducted pursuant to § 15.4 of this Article, all interested parties shall have the right to counsel, to present evidence in support or in opposition to the complaint, to cross-examine witnesses, and to present such factual or legal claims as will support their positions. A summarized record of the proceedings shall be made by the hearing panel. The rules of evidence shall not be strictly enforced; instead, rules of evidence that are generally accepted in administrative proceedings shall be applicable. The hearing panel shall expeditiously conduct the hearing and reach a decision. The panel shall report its findings of fact and conclusions in writing to the Board of Directors and all interested parties. Such decision may include the decision to terminate the membership of an individual.

h. Appeal.
The decision of the hearing panel may be appealed to the full Board of Directors by written notice to the President by certified mail within fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the decision. The decision rendered by the Board of Directors shall be the final decision of the Association.

10.2 If the selection criteria and the grievance procedures were not followed properly, see ATHLETE GRIEVANCES AND COMPLAINTS.


11.1 These procedures are based on ICSD, as applicable, and/or FIFA rules and regulations as presently known and understood. Any change in the selection procedures caused by a change in ICSD, as applicable, and/or FIFA rules and regulations will be distributed to the affected athletes immediately. The selection criteria are based on the latest information available to USA Deaf Soccer. However, the selections are always subject to unforeseen, intervening circumstances, and realistically may not have accounted for every possible contingency.

If any force of nature, or force majeure, should cause the altercation or cancellation of any of the selection events listed in this document, these selection procedures will be revised, pursuant to their resubmission to the USADSF.


12.1 If an athlete has questions regarding their opportunity to compete that are not answered by USA Deaf Soccer, they may contact the USADSF Executive Director, . If the Executive Director does not respond within 3 business days, the complaint may then contact the USADSF President, Jeffrey Mansfield at


13.1 This document certifies that USADSA individuals on the Selection Committee understand the standards/criteria set by ICSD, IF, and/or USADSF and have incorporated those standards/criteria into the Selection Procedures. These individuals certify that the information provided herein regarding Athlete Selection Procedures represents the method approved by USA Deaf Soccer.