US Deaf Cycling Associations needs YOU!

Hello everyone, My name is Bobby Skedsmo, the secretary - treasurer of US Deaf Cycling Association. We need YOU! We have great experienced cyclists, Trevor Kosa and John Klish who are now “over the hill” and want to make way for YOU, young new cyclists to join us. Come and join us!! What you can do, is to join your local cycling club. Participate in their races, then contact us. The steps you can do to qualify is: 1. Start at the Novice level, win some races, then move up to Level 2: Club level. When you continue to win races, place in 1st; 2nd; and 3rd, you will qualify to move up to Level 3: Elite level. This is a very good level, very strong cyclists. Then you move up to National level, the top Level 4 which is equivalent to a Professional level that is at an Olympic level. Come and join us! Check us out at

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Contact our Team Managers

John Skjeveland

Michael Wynne

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